California CD48 Polling

February 13th, 2020

Republican Congressional candidate Brian Burley has strong and growing support. Polling data collected from December through January indicate that Brian Burley is the most likely Republican to finish in the top two in California’s jungle primary. Hypothetical head-to-head match ups against the incumbent Democrat Congressman Harley Rouda also show that Burley could lead a competitive race, buttressed by strong support from both Independents and Republicans. In the most recent survey in January, Burley leads the primary with 50% of vote compared to only 7% for his fellow Republican Michelle Steel.

In December, Burley was supported by 35.2% of Independents, and 69.2 percent of Republicans. Burley’s Republican rival Steel only had 10.6 percent support from independents and 6.0 percent support from Republicans. In January Burley’s independent support edged down to 29 percent, but was still far above Steel’s support from independents which had dropped to 3.0 percent. Burley is a strong favorite to finish atop the Republican pack in the primary.

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january, 2020