March 17th, 2020

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The coronovirus (COVID-19) has shaken up how political candidates can reach voters, amongst all other things it has also affected. Safety is of upmost importance while we strive to care for our families, friends, neighbors and communities. Although it seems as though campaigns must come to halt, we believe that we just need to change how we’re reaching our voters.

Point Blank Political knows that reaching voters and staying consistent with that is key to a successful campaign. Building a grassroots base that will engage voters and provide your campaign with the support you need to win is top priority.

How Can You Reach Voters While Maintaining A Safe Distance and Preventing The Spread of The Coronavirus?

While knocking on doors and shaking hands may not be an option for your campaign during the coronavirus outbreak, we have many suggestions to healthy and safe alternatives:

  1. Peer-to-peer text messaging!
    One way to reach voters is through text messaging. We offer a state of the art texting solution for all of your campaign needs during this uncertain time. Send community alerts, ask your constituents if they need any supplies, remind them that the elections are still important… Your message can still reach voters on their cell phones and we can help you accomplish that.
  2. Automated Calls
    Much like P2P text messages, we can still contact your constituents on their home phones. A friendly recorded message can be delivered to their landline phones to remind them of your campaign and the support they have from you. Remind your voters they are not alone in this troubling process with a robocall that ensures them that our future is bright!
  3. Digital Advertising
    Now more than ever, voters are consumed by social media and digital advertising. We can reach them online and keep germs out of their worries. An ongoing digital campaign has been more and more important in recent years to a successful campaign, ask us for more information and how we can get you setup to delivering ads!
  4. Live Calling
    Our live agents are still working hard to talk to your voters. We staff many US based agents who are ready to talk to your voters and advocate for your campaign. Live calling is much more effective than a robocall and we can interact with your voters to gauge support, concerns and levels of involvement in the elections.

The coronavirus may be something that is definitely on our minds at this moment, but don’t let your campaign slip away. Continue putting in the hard work, keep in touch with your voters and let them know you’re still fighting for them! If there are any safety questions about the virus, we recommend referring to the CDC’s website which can be found here: