Political Data

Access to accurate voter and email lists is the backbone to any successful campaign.  Point Blank has access to nationwide voter lists that are updated regularly to include the most accurate and up to date information.

Data Lists

Our data lists come equipped with all of the information you need, plus more.  When you get a data list from us, you’ll get data that has the follow points:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Voter ID
  • Phone number (landline and cell data)
  • Full demographics
  • Voting history
  • Interest-based information

These are only a few of the data points included in our lists.  You can be confident that we will give you more than enough information in the data that you need.

Walk LIsts

Boots to the ground, door knocking, grassroots.  These are things that establish a firm foundation for your campaign.  The best way to raise awareness, support and votes for your campaign is to knock on doors and talk to voters in person.

Our data lists can be formatted into effective walk lists for you and your volunteers to cover ground in the community.  Knock on doors, hand out your printed palm cards or leave a friendly door hanger if no one is home.  When a voter sees you’re out in the community working hard, it sends a message that you’re putting the hard work in for your community.

Email Lists

Voter data lists are just the beginning of what we can do to start off your campaign.  When you’re ready to deliver a message, we have email data as well.  All of our emails are validated for maximum open rates and deliverability.  Our email data ensure that you’ll reach voter inboxes that are checked regularly and allow campaign messages.

Use our data on a number of other services we offer.  Data is a one-time purchase than can be used throughout the rest of your campaign!

Reach out to us today and get your accurate, high quality voter lists.  We can segment any way that you want, and pull a list of voters specific to your needs.  Give us a call now!