Political Digital Marketing Services

The average adult in the United States spends about 6 hours a day online and with digital marketing media.  Political digital marketing can be a platform to reach thousands, even millions of voters effectively over a period of time during which your campaign runs.  Engage your voters with ads, with creative and optimized strategies through our Geo and IP targeting.  Ideally, ad campaigns should begin 30-45 days or more before your election day.

In 2019, 54% of all ad spending in the US is projected to be these types of ads.  In politics though, online advertisements only reach about 7% in 2018.  The online advertising realm is open, and taking advantage of that is important to the success of your campaigns!

Reaching voters with online advertising has been groundbreaking for campaigns.  We make it easier to reach a targeted audience at a fraction of traditional ad costs.  There’s so much opportunity out there for your campaign efforts in the online realm.  Geo and IP targeting help you brand you campaign, deliver content, become socially engaged with your voters, canvas your community and deliver effective messages.

Point Blank helps with your online story-telling.  Story-telling will set your campaign to have contrast against your competitors, and set you aside as to why you’re the best candidate for the seat you’re running for.  We set your campaigns up to capture useful information from the voters.  We want to know what they think, how we can utilize their information and use current supporters to gain more.  Understanding the power of brand awareness is so important, and we make sure to capitalize on this.

How can you implement a Geo targeting project into your campaign?

Geo Targeting With Digital

With political digital marketing, we can build digital marketing awareness and remind voters to get out the vote for you based on geographical location.  Zip codes, counties, cities, states… we can pick areas to canvas and get your message blasted out over the digital space.  Reach members of your community to support your campaign or issue.

Geo targeting can be a great way to get information about a specific ballot issue out to your entire community.  Through static or video ads we can get your message out and drive traffic to your landing page, social media page or digital website.  These campaigns will not only deliver a message, but build engagement with your community to your other sources of information.

Similar to Geo Targeting, but more direct and personal is IP targeting for your campaign.

IP Targeting Voters With Digital

IP targeting is a way to target specific voters’ households.  By using a voter file, we can turn a physical address into an IP address which allows us to target the same static and video ads directly to the voters home.  We’ve mapped out the entire United States down to the square meter, and we guarantee accuracy and engagement through this proven method of outreach.  Think of our IP targeting as a direct mailer and increase voter turnout with this avenue of targeting.

Our IP targeting is top notch, with a 95% or greater confidence level on accuracy.  We connect you with real voters and eliminate ad fraud.  We incorporate offline data which includes registered voter lists, customer databases, modeled data and direct mail data.  All of these databases can be utilized to deliver ads directly to your voters.

With IP targeting, accurate and up to date voter files are extremely important.  If you do not have a voter file, don’t fret – Point Blank offers highly accurate and up to date voter records at a minimal cost.  All of our in-house data is updated regularly and we pride ourselves on it’s accuracy.

Online outreach has become an industry standard in campaign strategy.  Campaigns everywhere are implementing Geo and IP targeting to their campaigns, as it reaches voters throughout the entire community from all different demographics.  This doesn’t mean we recommend dumping all of your campaign budget into a political digital marketing campaign, but we do highly suggest using it to supplement other services:

  • Have a digital marketing campaign supplement your political website by driving traffic to it
  • Use our political data to enhance your digital marketing efforts and target voters based on their IP address
  • Use a digital marketing campaign to add effectiveness to any of our other political services

Adding an online advertising campaign to your current arsenal of outreach can be a great way to fill in the gaps.  Point Blank recommends diversifying your outreach to reach voters on multiple platforms.  Doing so, you ensure the maximum amount of outreach possible.  Not every voter will get exposed to your campaign online, on the phone, or in person exclusively which is why diversity of your outreach is something so important to your campaign.
With both avenues of targeting, Geo and IP, we can target specific demographics include age, gender, race, party and a series of interest-based data points.  Online outreach is something that every campaign should be utilizing in one way or another.

If you have any questions about online advertising, or want more information about how we can engage your voters with your campaign then reach out to us and let us help!  We’re here and ready to work on your campaign.  Consider hiring Point Blank as your consulting firm today!