Political Peer to Peer Texting

Political Peer to Peer texting is one of the most effective ways to reach your voters with  the help of our agents.  Easily reach thousands of voters with a personalized message, get out the vote encouragement or friendly reminders.  Compared to other automated texting solutions, sending peer to peer allows us and you to stay in compliance with the FCC regulations.  Elevate your campaign with a text messaging campaign, and let us reach your voters the right way.

How can you use our SMS Texting for your campaign?  There are several ways below that we have outlined as best practices for texts.  These are not the only methods of use, but the most popular.

Peer to Peer Texting For Events

Inform your supporters about upcoming events, town halls, meet+greets, and more with peer to peer texting.  To take it even further and expand your text reach, ask them to invite a friend and maximize your attendance!

GOTV Texting

Most people don’t vote – either because they don’t know where, how or for who.  Send informative text reminders to your voters and supporters about where they can vote, how they can register and remind them to get out the vote with a texting campaign!

Persuasion PEER TO PEER Texting

Some voters need a little bit of persuasion through texting to know who to vote for.  Let your voters know why you are the best fit for office, what you believe in, what you will do to better the community and how you will put the tax payers’ needs first!  Persuade the voter with information about your campaign, and gain their support.

Fundraiser Texting

Every quarter there is a final push to raise more funds for your campaign.  Use peer to peer texting to reach voters and ask for that last minute donation!  We send millions of texts to voters across the country each year to close out quarters with a strong fundraising goal in mind.

Setting up a peer to peer texting campaign is extremely simple.  We only need to craft up your script, target your voting area/district and pull the list, schedule the campaign and we take care of the rest.  Texting campaigns are quick and easy, and because of that we can use them for regular communications as well as last minute outreach services.  The cost is minuscule compared to other methods of outreach and the success rate of them is unrivaled.

Don’t have the cell phone numbers you want to text?  No worries, Point Blank warehouses nationwide voter data that is accurate and regularly updated.  Let us pull your list, and target your voters effectively with our in-house data.  Our data includes demographical information along with voting history, so you can be sure we will segment a targeted list for your text project.

We would love to hear about your next peer to peer texting campaign, so what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today and let’s get you setup for peer to peer texting!