We Are Your Political Polling Company

Delivering relevant, accurate and timely research on what voters think and feel in the United States is important to us as political consultants and a polling firm.  We use high quality data to identify active voters for our surveys.  Point Blank has established an effective public opinion polling system to deliver our clients the results they need to push their campaigns forward.  Our surveys have a strategic approach to them with insight for hundreds of political campaigns.  We understand the importance of accurate and data driven results, so that’s exactly what we give our clients.

A Message From Our Statistician:

Point Blank Political places heavy emphasis on the scientific validity of its polling methodologies.  To survey a population, Point Blank first draws a random sample from a large and robust proprietary sampling frame, and then weights the results with a Random Iterative Method (RIM) model.  The RIM model utilizes population parameters from both exit polls and a proprietary data source that is highly representative of the voter population.  Point Blank ensures its samples and survey results are representative and accurate by using diagnostics and metrics throughout both the sampling and weighting phases to avoid bias and minimize variance; at the sampling phase Point Blank examines response rates within demographic groups to minimize non-response heterogeneity, and at the weighting phase Point Blank has minimum standards for the model’s weighting efficiency.  If the sample or weighting results don’t meet these rigorous thresholds then Point Blank re-samples.

Types of Polling

Delivering accurate results is always the main goal for us as a polling company.  Surveying has changed over the years though, and we now have more options available to us for collecting results.  Traditional surveying has always been done through IVR (integrated voice response or automated telephone), but we now are able to incorporate web-panels and convert IVR to a live call with our live call center services.

IVR Polling

Our automated dialing system is fine tuned to collect responses from landline phones.  We have been using this type of surveyfor several years now, and it is the backbone to our research methodology.  Automated surveying is fast, easy to setup and delivers accurate results.

Email / Web Panel Polling

With so many of our generation online, we took to the web to collect survey responses.  By 2020, we expect to see 4.3 billion global email users, and currently 49% of all emails are opened on a mobile device.  With our email/web panel polling strategies, we reach your voters on a different level.  Not every voter has access to a landline these days and even if they do, they are not always home.  We can reach these voters on the move through an e-mail based web panel to not only increase our responses, but to reach a younger more web-connected audience.

Live Polling

A live call puts a personal touch to our outreach methods, and when we poll with a live agent we see a much higher response rate.  Voters are proven to respond better to a live person than an automated message, and we can survey your voters with our live call center.  Putting the personal touch and flexibility of a live survey into play will give us the ability to not only increase response rates on the IVR level, but we can also call cell phones with our live agents.  There are over 51 million active registered voters with a cell phone in the United States compared to just over 37 million unique landline phones for registered voters.  By polling cell phones with our live call center services, we open up the doors to get more accurate and more representative poll results.

Text Polling

With so many voters disconnected their landline phones and constantly being on the move it’s difficult to pin-point constituents and ask them to participate in a survey.  With new technologies and methodologies, we have mastered and perfected the best ways to poll voters through text message campaigns.  90% of voters view their texts within the first 3 minutes, how’s that for a statistic?

Point Blank Political has the ability to mix all 4 of these styles of polling together to come up with a mixed-mode polling structure that will get us a more representative result.

Polling is something that every campaign should start with to determine if it makes sense to run or not.  Once your campaign has began, it’s also a great solution to see how your efforts are moving the voters and how you match up against your competitors.  We recommend to run a series of tracking surveys for competitive races where we track progress of the race over the course of 2-3 weeks.  If you have any questions or want more information about us as a polling company, please reach out to us and get started today!