Political Robocall Service

Robocalls are fast, affordable and will reach the masses for your campaign.  Whether you are running in a small municipal race or a statewide campaign, robocalls are a great canvassing tool for you to reach hundreds and thousands of supporters while keeping your time freed up and your budget in tact.

We know what it’s like to work with a tight budget, we’ve assisted campaigns from the municipal level to the white house.  Robocalls are affordable for every campaign, no matter what political level or size.  Easily get your message out to hundreds and thousands of voters in a matter of minutes.

You may be asking, how can I implement this into my campaign?  Well, we’re glad you asked!  There are several ways below that we have outlined as best practices for robocalls.  These are not the only methods of use, but the most popular.

GOTV Robocalls

Changing a vote in your campaign’s favor can be tough work, so why not gain votes another way?  With a get out the vote political call, we can encourage the registered voters in your area to actually get to the polls.  Voters who don’t typically vote may be encouraged by your GOTV message meaning when they actually do make it to their local polling station, they’ll remember your message and vote for you.


Endorsement Calls

An endorsement to your campaign could be game changing.  What better way to let voters know that your highly regarded endorsement is supporting your campaign than a friendly message.  In 1998, many North Carolina voters were unsure as to whether or not the message left on their answering machine was really President Bill Clinton calling to endorse John Edwards for senate.  A lot of voters truly believed that the message from Bill Clinton was a real call from the highly regarded President of the United States.

Press-1 Calls

Getting your message across to voters is a cornerstone to your campaign, but so is being able to interact with voters and include them in your campaign efforts.  With a press-1 call, we can do just that.  Deliver your automated message over the phone, and after they listen give them an option:  Press 1 to receive a yard sign and support the campaign!

Is there an advocacy issue, or a bill being passed that needs the support of a government official?  A press-1 call can notify your voters of the issues at hand while giving them the option afterward to press 1 and be transferred to their government officials’ office and express their support.

Setting up your robocall service is as simple as it could ever be.  All we need to do is record your short message, target your voting area/district and pull the list, schedule the call and we will take care of the rest!  Because we can execute calls so quickly, they are great for last minute voter outreach projects.  The cost is minuscule compared to other methods of outreach and the success rate of them is unrivaled.

For voters who don’t answer their phone, your message will get delivered to their answering machine.  Our advanced dialing system can determine the difference between a live human and a machine so whether we reach the voter or not, they will receive your message.

Use your own phone number for the caller ID, or we can get a custom caller ID to use.  Our caller ID numbers can be local to your race, and will prevent any call-backs from reaching you.

Don’t have the landline phone numbers you want to call?  No worries, Point Blank warehouses nationwide voter data that is accurate and regularly updated.  Let us pull your list, and target your voters effectively with our in-house data.  Our data includes demographical information along with voting history, so you can be sure we will segment a targeted list for your call project.

NOTE:  If you are running for office in a state that prohibits automated calling, think about using our Live Call Center!

Are you ready to setup your calls now?  Do you still have some questions?  Point Blank would love to help get your campaign started so don’t waste any more time, and give us a call today!

If our calls are just the beginning to your political campaign, check out our other products that can supplement your calls.