About Us

Point Blank Political is a seasoned political advertising agency that has worked on campaigns from the municipal level up to the White House.  We have worked with presidential campaigns, PACs, congressional campaigns, gubernatorial campaigns, ballot issues, mayoral campaigns, political advocacy, city council campaigns and more.  We are a full-service campaign consulting and advertising agency dedicated to helping our political and ballot initiative clients win on election day.


In 2019, Point Blank Political was founded to provide political advertising and campaign services to candidates, consultants and organizations nation-wide.  Educated and seasoned in the political marketing arena, founder Hunter Lamirande wanted to establish his presence in the campaign business.  Having a vision for success and for something much larger than himself, Hunter put his resources together.  Hunter, his set of skills that he acquired through years of formal education and professional experiences and his network of professionals came together in a swift collaboration.  What seemed to happen overnight, was unexpected.  Point Blank Political, a top-tier political marketing firm was born.

Point Blank Political has an agenda to deliver the highest quality work at a cost that any campaign can afford.  From the municipal level to the White House, Point Blank has services for every campaign.  Point Blank Political is proud to be able to offer these services to clients and holds pride on delivering the best service at great prices.  Having worked on hundreds of campaigns nation-wide, Hunter and his team of professionals make sure to supply nothing short of exceptional.

By the end of 2019, Point Blank Political ended the year with over 75 clients and reached millions of voters nationwide.  At the start of 2020, Point Blank Political had grown from a one-man team to an expanding group of five.  Needless to say, Point Blank Political has earned a reputation as a top contender in the political consulting industry with a goal to continue proving that.  Elections are won when you work with Point Blank Political.