Political Call Center Services

Live phone banking is a great way to add a personal touch to your campaign.  Our U.S. based, dedicated team is ready to service your political needs.  Putting your message in front of voters is essential, and being able to communicate through a live person is just as important.  We train our live agents on every political call campaign so they can respond appropriately and hold your campaign to high standards.  With our trained agents and proven methods of calling you can be guaranteed that we will reach your voters and exceed your expectations whether it be a persuasion message, a voter identification call or a GOTV message.

Political live calling is most similar to automated political robocalls, but differs in the sense that there is a live agent on the line rather than a recorded message.  A live agent has the ability to ask questions, talk to voters, collect information and customize each call to personalize the message for each voter.  Thousands of personalized live calls can be sent out on behalf of your campaign simply and effectively.

What are common uses for live phone banking and call center services?


Raise awareness of your campaign, and the voters ability to vote.  We can have our live agents tell your voters where, when, and for who to vote for.  GOTV live political calls are great for the final 2-3 weeks of your campaign and can raise voter turnout for you!  During the final week and on election day, your GOTV efforts should double.  Our live agents can do the following with your GOTV calls:

  • Address voters by first name
  • Collect feedback from voters
  • Encourage/rebuttal voters to go to the polls and vote on election day


Our agents can deliver informative and persuasive information to your voters regarding the election.  We educate and train our agents on each campaign so they are capable of gaining the voters’ support for you.  Persuading voters can be difficult, but when done by the masses with our live agents we can effectively change things for you in the race.  A personable experience with our live agents is proven to have been a successful method of persuading voters to support your campaign.

Voter Id

Calling your voters should be conversational, not a one-way message delivery.  Our agents take their time and communicate effectively to your voters.  We will identify a few key pieces of information including who supports the campaign, where your campaign can place signs, who you can reach out to for volunteer work, key issues for the campaign and who we can e-mail for more information on the campaign.  We can craft our script with you to determine the best possible conversations to have with the voters.

Customization of Political Calls

Using our political call center, you can have full customization for your outreach services.  We have the resources to leverage your ability to form a message, target voters, and deliver results.

We can customize your message, and make sure you get exactly what you need through our call center.

Why Wait To source your political call center services?

Getting started with our live call center services is easier than you would think.  If we can get the script finalized, all we need to do is pull the list of contacts and we can get setup to call within 48 hours (sometimes sooner).  Live call services shouldn’t be a headache to setup, so we handle it all for you!

Reach out to us and get a quote on your live project.  Many factors go into the pricing, but we guarantee to beat any of our competitors!