Political Yard Signs

Political yard signs could quite possibly be the most recognizable method of political advertising for any campaign.  Yard signs have been a staple for campaigns nationwide for as long as we can remember.  As much of the political advertising is moving to digital platforms and p2p texting, we can confirm that yard signs and other printed materials definitely play a large role in the marketing efforts.  Yard signs have not changed much over the years – a basic sign will include the candidate’s name in bold with the candidate’s office in smaller text underneath.  Placement is typically in high traffic intersections to gain visibility and on home lawns for voters to show their support.

Choroplast Signs

The traditional type of yard signs are crafted from choroplast or corrugated plastic material and come with the H-frame stakes.  Choroplast signs are fluted, rigid and weatherproof.  These are the most common and recognizable types of signs.  Choroplast signs can easily be put down and just as easily picked up.  These are the signs that you see plastered all over yards, buildings and busy roadways advertising local, state and federal level campaigns.

Polybag Signs

Polypag signs can be a cheap alternative to the corrugated plastic signs.  Polybag signs are produced on plastic film that comes in “sleeves” that slip over U-shaped stakes.  These signs are printed much more cost-effective in high quantities, and serve as a great resource for larger congressional and statewide campaigns.

Yard Signs Placement Strategies

Finding great areas to place your signs is a fairly easy task.  Locate the high-traffic areas in your communities where lots of people drive/commute through out the day.  Finding voters to place yard signs at their house is something we specialize in.  Our press-1 robocalling and live call services help us not only inform voters about your campaigns, but also get your signs placed.  We have the ability to opt-in your voters for a sign, and easily let you know when in the community wants to support your campaign.

Design for Political election Yard Signs

If you’re in need of election yard signs but you don’t have a design, worry no more…  Our award winning artists have designed stunning artwork for our clients’ yard signs.  Yard signs can be a simple, yet difficult thing to master but we’ve got the art on lock down.  When you call, ask about our quick and simple process to get your yard signs designed.

Other Options For Political Election Yard Signs

Our election yard signs come in many shapes, sizes and options.  We have the ability to change these to fit your needs.  If you need to change the shape, size or anything else – we can do that.  See below for our sizes:

  • 24×18
  • 24×24
  • 48×48
  • 96×48

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask up about how we can customize your yard signs.  We cater to our customers, and make the process of ordering political election yard signs easy and stress-free.

Election yard signs are a staple for any campaign, and have been since we can remember.  If you’re needing yard signs quickly, we have you covered and can have them to you fast.  Talk to us about how we can get your yard signs and have us help you place them among your voters too!